Ever wondered what artists do all day?

How exactly do they make a living?

Take a look behind the scenes and grab your...

"We have 10 of these lovely pictures at home. Will continue to collect."

Marcus and Sarah, Reigate, UK.

"Absolutely beautiful artwork currently all over my little flat." 

Jennifer, Brighton, UK.

"Third-time customer over 15 years. Always something special."

Liz, Melbourne, Oz

I struggled for years before I discovered how to make a living selling my art.

Kevin Hayler thumbnail image
Kevin Hayler, Wildlife Artist.

What if there was a proven way to sell your art and see the world?

There is.

Contrary to what you may think, artists can and do make money.

If you know how.

I learned from scratch - the hard way not advised! )

When I started I was broke and I didn't know a thing.

So my approach is different from most other artists.

I'm self-taught and learned without the college straightjacket.

  • I soon realized that galleries suck
  • Compliments don't pay the bills
  • And selling is not a dirty word

My name is Kevin Hayler and I've been living this lifestyle for the last 20 years.

I sell my wildlife art in the summer and it funds my travels ALL winter.

You can follow my journey or you can do it too, why not?

I'm happy to share what I know. I'll tell you:

  • Where to travel (the cheapest way),
  • How I make my art (Step by step),
  • What kit I use (no hidden secrets)
  • What sells (clue - what's your favourite animal?)

Hey, I'll even tell you HOW to sell.

I'll tell you EVERYTHING.

Want to see a tiger in the wild? I can tell you that too!

Tiger on a riverbank in Tadoba NP
I saw this beautiful wild tigress sitting on the banks of a river in India.

Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks, so if you are interested in...

Wildlife, Art, and Travel

...and would like do the same thing, or follow along for fun, grab the freebie, it's useful.

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