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How to Get Back into Drawing After a Long Break

How to get back into drawing.

Getting back into drawing is like riding a bike. You never really lose it.  Your drawing skills might be as rusty as your old bike, but it’s nothing some wire wool won’t fix, right? Taking a long break from drawing can feel like a setback, but it’s a situation many …

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How to License Your Art: Best Guide For Beginners

how to license your art best guide for beginners

Licensing your art can be a lucrative option for generating passive income. By entering into a licensing agreement, you can authorize others to use your artwork on various products, publications, and media. Art licensing allows artists to monetize their work by granting usage rights to third parties for products like greeting …

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45 Affiliate Programs for Artists: A Mega Guide

affiliate progams for artists. Mega Guide

The best art affiliate programs for artists are not always about art. In this post, I will name 45 affiliate programs that work in the art niche. To maximize the potential you must be prepared to write an art blog and cultivate an art community around your site. Having an …

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