22 Myths About Artists: Misconceptions Debunked

Myths about artists: Misconceptions debunked

As a professional artist myself, I’m well aware of the many myths and misconceptions that surround art and artists. In this article, I’ll be examining and dispelling 22 commonly held myths about artists that simply don’t match reality This is a long post. Skip to any section in the table …

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Creative Burnout: What is it? Plus How to Recover

What is Creative Burnout? How to Recover Your Life

Are you wiped out just getting out of bed every day? Are you physically and mentally fatigued all the time? Has your creative energy died? It could be the symptoms of burnout, it happened to me. So what is creative burnout? Creative burnout is physical, emotional, and creative fatigue. It’s …

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Is Being an Artist Lonely? Read The Truth

Is being an artists lonely header. An artists studio with an empty easel

Loneliness is not something we talk about easily but artists can’t ignore the subject. For most artists, solitude is an everyday reality. Is being an artist lonely? You bet, and some people cope better than others. Most artists work alone and from home. There are no workmates, no laughs, and …

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Is Art Subjective? Is There Good and Bad Art?

is art subjective header

Have you ever looked at a popular art piece and wondered, “Is it me or is this really crap?” It turns out that people are not always confident about what they think. Art is intimidating but is art subjective? An emotional reaction to a traditional skills-based work of art is …

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