45 Affiliate Programs for Artists: A Mega Guide

affiliate progams for artists. Mega Guide

The best art affiliate programs for artists are not always about art. In this post, I will name 45 affiliate programs that work in the art niche. To maximize the potential you must be prepared to write an art blog and cultivate an art community around your site. Having an …

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15 Ways to Protect Your Artwork From Being Copied

Serval Drawing featured image for ways to protect your artwork from being copied

It’s the wild west out there and artists are losing out to copycats, theft, and now AI. Images can be copied, altered, and redistributed so easily that it is having a serious impact on artists and creators everywhere. So how do you protect your artwork from being copied?  While it …

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11 Best Reasons Why Artists Need a Website Today

Do Artists Need a Website Yes - 11 Best Reasons Why

Starting a website from scratch sounds like a hassle, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. It begs the question “Do artists need a website?” and can you live without one? This post answers your most important questions. Artists need their own website to showcase their best artwork, build a brand, …

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What is The Meaning of Media in Art Terms?

The Meaning of Media in Art Terms - Media in Artwork Defined

Media is one of those words that crops up everywhere, but it has different meanings in different contexts. This short post breaks down the meaning of media in art terms. Media in art terms, primarily refers to the painting and drawing materials used to make a work of art, these …

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Art Competitions and Juried Shows: Are They Worth The Effort?

are art competitions worth the effort header. Three judges holding up zero scores

There’s a great temptation for artists, especially at the start of their careers, to enter art competitions and exhibit in juried shows but are they really worth your time and effort? Entering an art competition is an expensive, time-consuming, lottery. The selection process by self-appointed unaccountable experts is arbitrary and …

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