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‘Jumbo Family’ Elephant and Baby Pencil Drawing Fine Art Print


‘Jumbo Family’ Printed from a Drawing by Kevin Hayler

219mm x 262mm ( 8 5/8″ x 10 5/16″)

Who doesn’t love elephants? Gentle giants who care about each other. It’s all about family and sticking together. Now imagine Mum and watch her face light up as you present a jumbo family just for her.

Kevin says: “One of my early drawings and not as detailed as my later work. My technique has advanced yet this print strikes a chord with the public and remains my bestseller”


A Fine Art Wildlife Drawing by Kevin Hayler

This is a signed open edition fine art print of a mother and baby Asian elephant and is reproduced from my original pencil drawing.

I am pleased to offer you this fine art pencil study of a mother and baby Asian elephant. It’s composed and created using strictly my own references and is the culmination of over 30 hours work

The art of my work is in the detail, every hair, fold of skin, every glint in the eye, must be perfect. It’s hard work but I’m getting there, so far it’s only taken me 40 years!

I push realistic drawing to the limits but that alone is not enough, the picture needs more:

  • The composition must work
  • Have a sense of movement
  • And atmosphere

but most importantly of all – the subject must have personality.

I endeavor to bring all these things together in every drawing so that my love for animal life and the natural world shines through.

All this means nothing if the work is not presented properly, so my promise to you is this:

1 – You will receive a premium hand signed lithographic print,
2 – I use fade-proof inks printed on 300 gms heavyweight paper,
3 – Your print will fit easily into an inexpensive ready-made frame.

After spending all my adult life drawing and developing my skills and over 20 years working full-time as a wildlife artist you can be assured that I know what I’m doing and your purchase is risk-free.


My testimonial comments book. Hand written

Framing Tips: If you are unsure how to frame your print why not copy this example. Remember to keep things simple. All you need is a charcoal grey or matt black frame and an off-white mount which closely matches the paper tint. For extra impact choose a black-core mount board, the black bevel will frame your picture perfectly.

If you choose to look for a ready-frame buy a 40cm x 50cm or 16″ x 20″ frame and cut the mount/matt to size with an aperture of 325mm x 278mm.

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