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What if there was a proven way to sell your art and see the world? There is. Contrary to what you may think, artists can and do make money. If you know how. I learned the hard way – from scratch! not advised! ) When I started I was broke and I didn’t know anything. I’m completely self-taught, so my approach is different from most other artists.

  • I discovered that galleries suck
  • Compliments don’t pay the bills
  • And selling is not a dirty word

My name is Kevin Hayler and I’ve been making my living selling art for the last 20 years. I sell my wildlife art in the summer and it funds my travels all winter. You can follow my journey and then do the same thing, why not? I’m happy to share what I know. I’ll tell you:

  • Where and how to travel,
  • How I make my art,
  • And what materials I use.

All really good to know, but what you MUST learn is the most important skill of all…

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