10 Staircase Decor Wall Art Ideas With Framed Drawings

If you’re looking to transform your staircase into a stylish and inviting area, consider these 10 staircase decor wall art ideas to add character and charm to your home.

Art can breathe some fresh air into your stairway, making it a cozy and interesting space.

My purpose is to demonstrate how black and white art complements any color scheme, and with the right choice of art, you can create an interesting talking point for friends and visitors.

Check out each staircase example, grab a few ideas, and take a look at my portfolio of drawings when you have a moment.

N.B. These are my own drawings. They are NOT AI generated. I have placed them within mockups for inspiration. They are not the original sizes.

Let’s get to it.

1. Rustic Staircase Wall Art Ideas

rustic staircase decor wall art idea. Black and white drawing of a Siamese Cat
Framed Pencil DSrawing of a Siamese cat. Title @sitting Pretty' A drawing by Kevin Hayler
‘Sitting Pretty’ a drawing by Kevin hayler

This image features a rustic wooden staircase with a white textured wall. It has a minimalist feel with a rough and ready aesthetic.

Halfway up the stairs, there’s a framed black and white pencil drawing of a Siamese cat, its expressive eyes capturing attention.

To the right of the staircase, a window lets in soft, natural light, illuminating the scene and highlighting the texture of the wall and the intricate details of the drawing.

The overall ambiance is cozy and artistic, blending rustic charm with elegant simplicity.

2. Boho Staircase Wall Art Ideas

Boho fusion staircase with tiled steps and black and white wall art. Drawing of a donkey foal by Kevin Hayler
'About Turn' A framed pencil drawing of a donkey foal by Kevin Hayler
‘About Turn’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

The boho stairway exudes a colorful and eclectic charm with its multicolored mosaic tiled steps, and natural wood staircase and banisters. The vibe is a soft transition from conventional to boho, with steps leading the visitor to an unknown treat beyond.

A central feature is the captivating pencil drawing of a donkey foal. It’s framed in black, which adds a refined touch to the space.

The detailed, black and white artwork contrasts beautifully with the colorful tiles and natural elements, creating a harmonious blend of bohemian flair and sophisticated elegance. This stairway perfectly balances bold, artistic expression with cozy decor.

3. Spanish Staircase Wall Art Ideas

A Spanish staircase and hallway idea with a framed pencil drawing of a lion by Kevin Hayler
'Lion Country' A framed pencil drawing of a wild lion by Kevin Hayler
‘Lion Country’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

This Spanish Style staircase and hallway boasts a white color scheme, complemented by traditional Latin furnishings. An open arched doorway highlights the tiled floor and pot plants soften the space.

The decor is informal and lived-in, with a hint of untidiness adding to its cozy appeal.

In the entrance, a detailed pencil drawing of a lion, framed in black, stands out as a focal point.

This black and white artwork adds a unique talking point, perfectly balancing the Latin aesthetic.

4. Cottage Farmhouse Staircase Wall Art Ideas

Cottage Farmhouse decor wall art ideas. White walls and natural wood steps and flooring. Black and white wall art. Framed pencil drawing of penguins by Kevin hayler
'Push and Shove' A framed pencil drawing of penguins by Kevin Hayler
‘Push and Shove’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

This cottage farmhouse staircase features white textured walls with natural wood accents in the steps, handrail, and flooring. The bamboo chair, rug, and hallway table, creates a cozy yet contemporary feel.

A striking pencil drawing of a pair of adorable penguins in a black wooden frame serves as the quirky focal point.

The detailed pencil drawing adds an elegant and sophisticated touch, contrasting beautifully with the soft white walls.

This is country farmhouse cottage simplicity.

5. Simple Elegant Staircase Wall Art Ideas

Simple elegant staircase wall art idea with 2 framed wildlife drawings by Kevin Hayler
'Eye Contact' A framed pencil drawing of a jaguar by Kevin Hayler
‘Eye Contact’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

A plain and simple stairway with a white wall and natural oakwood steps, flooring and handrail.

A large sash window to the left, brightens the stairwell, and a small painted hallway table, supports a vase of fresh flowers to soften the scene.

Two framed pencil drawings lead the viewers eye up the stairway.

The detailed black and white drawings compliments the minimalist style beautifully and adds a touch of intrigue as your visitor climbs the stairs.

The arrangement flows naturally.

6. Green Staircase Wall Art Ideas

English stairway and doorway
'Heat and Dust' A framed pencil drawing of a white rhino by Kevin Hayler
‘Heat and Dust’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

This charming light green staircase makes the most of its small space simple decor.

The wooden cabinet and wonderful tiled floor provide warmth, while the vase of freshly cut flowers adds a pop of color.

Central to the decor is a stunning pencil drawing of a white rhino, it is the key feature and adds a touch of wild elegance.

The drawing is framed and prominently displayed in the center of a gallery wall leading up the stairway.

Black and white fine art, perfectly complements the small and cozy and staircase and hallway environment.

7. Modern Staircase Gallery Wall Art Ideas

Stairway featuring a gallery wall of black and white photos and fine art pencil drawings
'Ruffled Feathers' A framed pencil drawing of a cockatoo by Kevin Hayler
‘Ruffled Feathers’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

A modern stairway featuring a gallery wall of black and white photos and fine art pencil drawings.

The muted white pallete and plain wooden floorings provide the perfect setting to showcase a gallery wall art feature that add drama to an otherwise empty space.

The window on the left side shines much need light down the staircase with strong shadows creating more interest.

The framed pencil drawing of a proud lion looking down his nose, contrasts wonderfully with the quirky cockatoo portrait and fun donkey study at the top.

This central feature adds a touch of beauty to a tranquil space. A good talking point.

8. Contemporary Staircase Wall Art Ideas

Photo of a minimalist contemporary modern stairway wall. A bright, airy staircase with a banister. Three black and white framed drawings of wildlife lead up the stairway
'Imperial Stag' A framed pencil drawing of a red stag by Kevin Hayler
‘Imperial Stag’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

A minimalist open plan, contemporary modern stairway wall in whites and greys.

A bright, airy staircase with a white painted banister, faces a cool concrete wall with 3 framed black and white pictures leading upstairs.

The fine art drawings are displayed as a lead line to the upper floor. They are displayed in simple dark wooden frames with a wide warm grey picture mounts.

Drawings compliment and lighten the otherwise austeer decor, adding elegance and charm to the scene

9. White Nordic Stairway Wall Art Ideas

Cream and light oakwood stairway decor. Complimented by two framed drawings of giraffes.
'A Tender Moment' A framed pencil drawing of giraffes by Kevin Hayler
‘A Tender Moment’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

This staircase exudes a bright, airy, and fresh Nordic feel. The smooth, clean lines, white walls perfectly complement the beechwood flooring, creating a harmonious and sophisticated color palette.

The natural oakwood hallway table and simple floor mat, adds much needed warmth and texture, enhancing the atmosphere.

Taking center stage is a detailed drawing mother and baby giraffe, beautifully displayed in a black wooden frame that complements the overall Scandinavian aesthetic

Beneath the stairway another giraffe portrait themes the space. This is, undoubtably, the home of a giraffe lover.

The artwork adds a striking focal point, seamlessly blending elegance and tranquility into this charming space.

10. Office Stairway Wall Art Ideas

Office stairway wall art ideas. Three framed black and white images leading up the staircase. Features a white tiger pencil draing .
'Cool Waters' A framed pencil drawing of a white tiger by Kevin Hayler
‘Cool Waters’ A pencil drawing by Kevin Hayler

A very large townhouse or office stairway leading up to a third floor.

A sophisticated and wealthy vibe, understated and confident. Bold lines in white and plain natural wood.

A sash window throws light onto 3 three striking black and white images, in identical black frames. First and formost is a fine art pencil drawing of a white tiger.

This delightful artwork adds a playful touch and a point of interest for the viewer, making this space visually engaging.


When transforming your stairway into a stylish and inviting space, incorporating the right type of simple wall art is a key factor.

These 10 staircase decor ideas highlight the potential of black and white art to bring life and character to any stairway style, from modern to rustic.

Each of these featured works of art were originally hand drawn by myself and I displayed them in AI mockups for your inspiration. This is how art can compliment and enrich your home and living space.

I hope you like them

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4 staircase wall art ideas featuring black and white framed pencil drawings by Kevin Hayler

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