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Kevin Hayler: Professional Wildlife artist, author, and traveler.

The best art affiliate programs for artists are not always about art. In this post, I will name 45 affiliate programs that work in the art niche.

To maximize the potential you must be prepared to write an art blog and cultivate an art community around your site. Having an online art gallery is only one part of an artist’s website. 

Through affiliate marketing, independent artists can now monetize their platforms more effectively by promoting products and services they trust and love. This guide is crafted to help you navigate through the top art affiliate programs and related sites.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, you can benefit from offering these programs which give a substantial boost to your income.

Disclaimer: When you buy something via my affiliate links I earn from qualifying purchases and sometimes earn a commission, at no extra cost to you. I am an Amazon Associate among others. I only recommend trusted sites.

This guide took days to research and edit, but it was worth it.

If you are serious about earning some extra income, this post is going to point you in the right direction.

I will tell you some of the best sites offering affiliate links, give a brief summary, my experience where it’s applicable, the best affiliate networks, and their commission rates.

Find the affiliate programs under each heading

This post is super long, over 6000 words, so if you need to skip sections, use the table of contents.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where individuals (affiliates) earn a commission by promoting products or services of various companies. As a visual artist, this means you can earn money by recommending quality art supplies, art courses, image editors, and more to your audience. 

If they will benefit from a product or service you can be the go-between.

You earn a slice of the profit from each sale made through the unique link provided by the merchant.

This is a win-win situation where companies get increased sales and a wider reach, and you get a share of the profits without your referral losing a penny.

Once you are accepted for an affiliate network you must legally write a disclaimer to inform your reader that you’re an affiliate partner for companies on your site. Don’t skip this. 

How Artists Make Money as Affiliate Marketers

You must have a website to maximize your potential. You can’t rely on social media, not unless you count having a YouTube channel, where demonstrating your art can bring in thousands of viewers to your affiliate links in the description. 

Here’s how artists can make the most out of affiliate marketing:

  1. Blog Posts: Write about all aspects of the art world and when you reach page one of Google you can expect to start earning some cash 
  2. Creating Art Tutorials: Share tutorials on YouTube and Embed them on your blog posts. Provide links to those products in your video or blog description.
  3. Product Reviews: Create authentic reviews of products you’ve used from personal experience. Provide insights and tips for potential buyers.
  4. Resource Page: Make a resource page on your website where you list all your favorite products, each with a description and affiliate link
  5. Social Media Promotion: Utilize your social media platforms to promote products through engaging visuals and stories. Pinterest is very good for affiliate marketing.
  6. Email Marketing: Incorporate product recommendations in your email newsletters to your subscribers. This is a great way to promote your links and items for sale.

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Now, let’s delve into the different categories of affiliate programs that artists can explore

Art Supplies: Recommend Your Art Materials

You will not make a fortune in this category but you’re nuts not to link to recommended tools. The easiest affiliate program to link to is Amazon.

It’s easy to join and is such a trusted brand that your click-through rate will be good. Unfortunately, Amazon is so dominant in the market, that they have no need to pay much.

Their commission rates are low.

On the flip side, you get a commission for everything bought in that cookie session. If your visitor buys something unrelated to your initial link, you get a slice of the whole purchase.

1. Amazon

The Amazon Associates Program is a widely recognized affiliate marketing program that allows content creators, publishers, and bloggers to monetize their traffic by recommending any products available on Amazon.

With easy-to-use link-building tools, affiliates can direct their audience to their recommendations and earn commissions on any qualifying purchases. Affiliates must make 3 sales within 180 days or have their account closed.

  • URL: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com
  • Commission Rates: Up to 10% in associate commissions, expect about 4% (specific rates vary based on product category)
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Affiliate Network: Amazon

2. Blick Art Materials

Blick is a prominent online retailer of art and craft supplies, offering a wide range of products for artists, students, and educators.

The website features various categories including paint & mediums, canvas & surfaces, brushes & painting tools, drawing & illustration, and more. Everything most artists need.

As a bonus, the site also offers resources for artists and educators, including project ideas, videos, lesson plans, and art educator catalogs.

The Blick Affiliate Program offers a great opportunity for artists to monetize their art supplies as an alternative to Amazon. By becoming an affiliate with Blick, artists can earn higher commission rates than with Amazon and direct your readers to a dedicated site.

Blick provides plenty of banners, text links, and product links, so artists can promote and recommend art supplies to their audience easily.

Art materials tend to be small sales so don’t expect too much. I must admit I’ve had very poor results.

  • URL: 
  • Commission rates: Up to 10% on BLICK sales 
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Affiliate network: CJ Affiliate or SAS Affiliate platforms.

3. Da Vinci Paint Co.

The Da Vinci Paints affiliate program offers several benefits for artists who join. The Devinci Paint Co is a recognizable US brand selling over 800 products so artists can confidently promote Da Vinci Paints to their audience.

Additionally, the program provides good customer service and support, ensuring that affiliates receive the necessary assistance for success.

4. Draw Store

Using the Draw-Store affiliate program can offer significant benefits for artists.

Artists can earn a 10% commission on all sales generated through their referral links. They claim the current average order size is approximately $50.00, if this is true and not hype, there is good earnings potential.

Moreover, the 30-day cookie duration ensures that artists can earn commissions even if a customer makes a purchase within a month of clicking their affiliate link, nice.

There is support from the team at Draw Store who offer affiliates guidance to maximize their success.

5. Utrecht Art Supplies

Utrecht is a well-established supplier of art materials, offering a wide range of products for artists including paint and drawing supplies, office & studio supplies, framing materials, art furniture, and much more 

Users can find products with significant discounts, and the site regularly features deals and promotions on different art supplies. 

The Utrecht Affiliate Program offers artists the opportunity to earn up to 10% commission on promoting a selection of hard-to-find, high-quality art supplies.

They claim an average sale of $125, so artists can hope to generate a passive income with a highly regarded brand.

The program has no monthly minimum requirement and provides a variety of marketing resources, including banners and text links.

6. Arteza

The Arteza affiliate program offers artists average commissions. The program provides access to a user-friendly online dashboard, via Impact, for tracking commissions and customizing their affiliate links.

Arteza offers its own brand products which may or may not suit your audience, it depends on who you serve.

Arteza stocks paint, drawing tools, canvas, brushes, markers, easels, and crafting materials. All the usual standard supplies.

The site caters to beginners and students primarily. Users can discover new arrivals, best sellers, and special sales and find good quality products at competitive prices. 

  • URL:
  • Commission rates: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

7. Hobby Lobby (US only)

Hobby Lobby is such an established name it makes sense to promote its affiliate links to readers. It’s easier to promote a well-known art and craft supplier.

The program offers low commission rates of up to 4% per sale with a 3-day cookie duration. That’s not great. You’re probably better off using Amazon even if it has a 1-day cookie duration. 

  • URL: Nothing on their site. Go to https://www.cj.com/
  • Commission rates: 3 – 4% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 3-day cookie on all referred sales 
  • Affiliate network: Commission Junction and Flexoffers 


Artists can earn money by referring customers to the largest online discount arts and crafts supply store (self-proclaimed).

The site categorizes products into various sections including painting, drawing & illustration, canvas, brushes, ceramics, crafts, and more, catering to both professional artists and hobbyists.

The MisterArt.com Affiliate Program offers a tempting commission rate of up to 10%. Another high rate but let’s be realistic, we all know that any business offering “Up To” a certain amount rarely pays out.

MisterArt says it stocks over 25,000 unique art and craft products, in that case it should be easy find and promote products that your audience will love.

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: Up to 10% (and sometimes more) on all qualifying product sales.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Commission Junction

Art and Design Marketplaces: Lucrative Affiliate Opportunities

We all want to make money with our art, that’s the point, right? It makes sense to direct your readers to platforms where they can buy assets or set up a shop of their own. A few well-placed links promoting various marketplaces will work and bring in extra income. 

I haven’t tried all these sites myself, It’s overwhelming to have too many, but I have personally found Printful.com to be a good affiliate program. They are a quality print-on-demand company and integrate with Etsy and other ecommerce platforms.

Artists can earn money by referring customers to the largest online discount arts and crafts supply store (self-proclaimed).

9. Etsy

How to sell art prints on Etsy header

The Etsy affiliate program allows bloggers and creators to earn commissions by promoting, digital products, handmade goods, and wall art listed on the Etsy marketplace.

Affiliates can direct visitors to sellers’ items or even their own store. The program offers a commission rate of 4%, with a cookie duration of 30 days which is good.

These are my posts about Etsy:

Get to grips with affiliate marketing with this Udemy course for beginners


Society6 sells a wide variety of art and home decor products made by over 300,000 creators worldwide. They specialize in wall art such as framed art, canvas art, metal or wood prints, and posters, but not exclusively.

They also offer a diverse selection of items like coffee cups, throws, cushions, and many more. The list is long. 

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Society6 Affiliate Program

You’ll find this post helpful: How to Sell Art on Society6 in 2023: Is it Still Worth it?


A platform offering over 3 million unique assets for creative projects, designed by independent creators globally. It features a vast range of categories including fonts, graphics, themes, photos, and templates.

You can buy art mockups on Creative Market you should check it out.

Users can explore various styles and trends to bring their creative ideas to life. The site also offers opportunities for creators to sell their designs and reach a broad audience.

  • URL
  • Commission rate:  Earn 20% for new customers, 10% on returning customers, and 30% on membership sign-ups.
  • Cookies duration: 30 Days
  • Affiliate network:  Commission Junction

12. Design Cuts

Design cuts is a hub for creative professionals offering a range of resources including Procreate brushes, Photoshop brushes, textures, fonts, graphics, and courses.

The platform, used by over 1 million creatives, offers up to 30% savings on every purchase without requiring a membership. It also includes a free extended commercial license on items in their marketplace, making it a cost-effective solution for acquiring quality assets and learning materials.


A leading marketplace and community for creatives. It offers a huge range of products and services to help bring creative projects to life, including graphic templates, stock videos, photos, and royalty-free music.

Users can subscribe for unlimited access to digital assets, create mockups and assets, and upskill with tutorials and courses. It is a one-stop shop for finding the right resources to kickstart and complete creative projects.

  • URL:
  • Commission rates: 
    Envato Elements $20-120 per subscriber
    Placeit by Envato $20-$50 per subscriber
    Envato Market 30% on first purchase
  • Cookies duration: Elements – 60 days, Placeit – 60 days, Market – 90 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

14. Creative Fabrica

A comprehensive platform offering over 1 million unique premium designs including fonts, graphics, crafts, and more. It provides tools and resources to enhance creativity and productivity, including the ability to create your own designs with CF Spark. 

The site offers unlimited access to a vast library of assets, with options for free downloads and premium subscriptions at affordable rates. Based in Amsterdam, it aims to bring the best possible tools for improving creativity and productivity.


A huge global online marketplace that connects artists with consumers. It offers a wide variety of products featuring unique designs, including clothing, stickers, phone cases, wall art, and home & living items.

Artists can sell their art on the platform, with purchases directly supporting the creators. It features a wide range of eclectic products and offers discounts and promos to encourage users to treat themselves to something special.

  • URL: 
  • Commission rate: 2%
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

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I follow on YouTube. He is a great communicator and knows his subject very well.

16. Displate

A specialized marketplace offering metal posters with a vast array of designs encompassing various categories such as gaming, anime, movies, nature, and more.

The site features exclusive collections and limited editions, collaborating with popular brands like Marvel, Star Wars, and League of Legends to bring unique art pieces to fans. 

It also promotes new designs and collections, encouraging users to start collecting and even offering discounts on bulk purchases. The platform is a hub for artists and brands to showcase their creativity through durable and distinctive metal posters. 50% commission on sale

  • URL: https://displate.com/influencers
  • Commission rate: Clear as mud
    Influencers – 25%
    Share and Earn on Social Media – 41% commission minus taxes and fees. Limited Edition Displates 10% minus taxes and fees.
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: In-House


An online marketplace that allows designers to sell their art and designs on a wide array of products, from custom t-shirts to invitations, business cards, and even home décor.

Users can also personalize products with their own images and text, offering a unique platform where creativity meets customization. It’s a hub for artists, designers, and customers to create and shop for personalized and one-of-a-kind products.

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: 15%
  • Cookies duration: 45 days
  • Affiliate network: In-House and Pepperjam

18. Printful

Printful is different. It isn’t a marketplace as such it’s a Print-on-Demand drop shipper that integrates with major marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.

Printful does all the heavy work for you, it takes care of the upfront costs, the printing, the inventory, and the shipping. It enables you to stock your store with items that you never have to handle yourself. 

Many artists prefer to do what they are good at, namely the art and design side, not manufacturing and distribution. Persuading your readers and followers on the merits of Printful is fairly easy. I have plenty of affiliate links to Printful on my site with a good conversion rate.

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Art Courses: Get Regular Affiliate Commissions  

I have found a lot of success promoting online courses. You’ll see courses offered throughout my site. I like to promote Domestika and Proko for well-presented tutorials, and I like to promote the art marketing courses on Udemy.  

Until recently Domestika paid the best but I have started to see Proko take the lead. Udemy offers courses on every subject imaginable and art is only a subsection. Nonetheless, some courses are good quality and worth promoting. 

​The following platforms are worth promoting for your readers.


The Creative Bug affiliate program offers bloggers the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting online art classes. Creative Bug is known for providing a variety of artistic skill improvement courses.

Affiliates can direct their blog visitors to these classes, catering to their desire for skill development. The program’s commission rates are fixed and not generous. It pays out only for the initial sign-up.

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: Fixed $8 per signup 
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: In-house Ambassador Program

20. Proko

Proko is a platform offering courses and tutorials on drawing and painting. The website is a hub for learning how to draw various subjects such as portraits, figures, and the anatomy of the human body, with courses led by Stan Prokopenko and other very experienced artists.

It provides a range of courses, from beginner to advanced levels, covering different aspects of art and design. The courses are engaging and educational, aiming to make learning fun.

Users can create a free account to access a variety of lessons and resources. It also offers digital art tools and resources for artists to enhance their skills further.

The affiliate program is so easy to use and it pays well because the courses are expensive. I’ve earned some great commissions with Proko.

If you need more help with drawing, then I urge you to check out
Dorian Iten on Proko. His course is reasonably priced and inspiring

Not sure? Read this: Are Proko Courses Worth It? A Review – Pros and Cons


Udemy is a very popular online learning platform offering a vast array of courses across multiple fields and disciplines, including technology, business, personal development, and of course, art and design.

Users can purchase individual courses and learn at their own pace, with lifetime access to the content. It is a hub for both learners seeking to upskill and professionals looking to share their knowledge through course creation.

Drawing courses are popular.
This course by has over 73,000 students!

The courses are very hit and miss, it’s quantity over quality, but the best are very good and great value for money. Udemy is worth recommending.

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Cookies duration: 7 days
  • Affiliate network: Rakutan

These posts go into more depth:


A great platform offering an extensive array of online courses taught by professionals in the fields of design and creativity. The production quality alone makes them easy to sell. Far superior to most courses on Udemy.

Get to Grips with your Art business with Katy on Domestika

The platform hosts courses in various categories including fine art, illustration, craft, marketing, photography, and much more. 

Users can learn at their own pace, enjoy high-quality video content, and get the courses at bargain prices. Domestika provides all the promotional materials you need and has good customer service. 

One drawback. The majority of courses are Spanish-speaking. No matter, there are plenty of great English course creators so you will have plenty to promote. 

  • URL: 
  • Commission rates: 
    Account creation – $2.00
    New Customer Sale – 40%
    Return Customer Sale – 20%
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

Read my thoughts on Domestika here: Is Domestika Worth It? The Pros and Cons


An online learning community offering thousands of classes in various categories including music, drawing, marketing, animation, UI/UX design, and more. It features classes taught by professionals who share their tools, techniques, and experiences.

The quality is hit-and-miss, much like Udemy. The platform allows users to learn new skills at their own pace with full access to any course.

The site offers a free trial period and a yearly membership business model. I started to promote Skillshare but recently I removed most of my links in favor of Udemy. The best instructors tend to post the same courses on both platforms.

Skillshare pays high commissions but I seldom get a click-through.

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: 40% per new customer
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

Read this before promoting it: Is Skillshare Worth It? Pros and Cons for Artists


Masterclass is an online learning platform where users can access classes taught by world-renowned experts and celebrities in various fields including cooking, writing, filmmaking, and more.

Each class is meticulously produced with high-quality videos and comprehensive lesson plans. The videos are so well produced, they are slick. They will appeal to some.

Users can learn from the best in the industry, or put another way, the most well-known, and gain insights and knowledge directly from the experts.

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: 25%
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

25. LinkedIn Learning

A platform offering a vast array of online courses across business, technology, and creative industries. It provides expert-led courses that cater to various stages of a professional career, helping individuals acquire new skills and knowledge. 

Users can explore over 16000+ courses and learning paths, with new content added regularly. The platform also allows users to earn certificates to add to their LinkedIn profiles, showcasing their acquired skills and learning achievements.

  • URL: https://www.linkedin.com/
  • Commission rates: 
    Free trial – $10
    Course Sale – $35
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Unclear. Advertised as Impact but I can’t find it!


A prominent online learning platform offering a large range of college courses, professional certificates, and degrees from renowned institutions and companies like Google, IBM, and Meta.

Users can acquire new job skills, advance their careers, and explore courses in various fields including the arts. 

The platform collaborates with over 180 leading universities and companies, providing opportunities to launch a new career in as little as six months.

It also offers free online courses and features success stories from learners who have benefited professionally from the platform’s offerings.

  • URL: https://about.coursera.org/affiliates
  • Commission rates: 
    Subscription 15%-45% – 30 days
    One-Time Sale 20%-45% – 30 days
  • Cookies duration: Not Published
  • Affiliate network: Impact


An online platform offering classes in photography, art, design, craft, DIY, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. The courses are available on-demand 24/7, allowing users to learn at their convenience. 

The platform hosts over 2000 classes ranging from fundamentals to advanced techniques, taught by industry icons and experts. Users can subscribe for less than $13/month and gain access via desktop, mobile, or TV, with new classes added every month.

The site fosters a community of over 10 million creators, providing the tools and knowledge to succeed in their creative endeavors.

Teaching Platforms: Recurring Affiliate Commissions

I know that these platforms pay generously and I’m missing a trick by not writing about them more. They are membership sites and their customers must stay with the platform while they are selling their teaching courses.

These sites offer recurring affiliate commissions, which means you get paid for as long as the membership remains active. That could be years! 

Promote these platforms by teaching your readers how to profit by making their own online courses. 

These are the top 3 platforms:

28. Teachable

A robust platform that empowers creators to build and monetize online courses, coaching programs, and digital downloads without the need for coding or design skills. 

Teachable offers a range of features including an intuitive course builder, digital download capabilities, and coaching management tools.  

It offers a free plan with foundational tools to start teaching and earning, with options to upgrade for additional resources as the business grows.

29. Thinkific

A teaching platform that enables users to create, market, and sell online courses, memberships, and digital products.

It offers a range of tools to build a vibrant learning community and monetize memberships, with features such as custom web themes, quizzes, mobile apps, and marketing integrations. 

The platform supports multiple learning products, allowing creators to package and present their expertise effectively. It also offers analytics to understand student behavior and optimize content.

Thinkific provides extensive support resources, including a knowledge base, community forums, and customer support, helping creators succeed in their ventures.

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: 30% recurring
  • Cookies duration: 90 days
  • Affiliate network: Invite only when I checked

30. Podia

Another comprehensive platform that enables individuals to create and grow their business by offering a range of tools including a website builder, email marketing solutions, and a system to sell digital products. 

Users can set up a professional-looking website without coding or design skills, and manage email marketing campaigns with premade templates. The platform also facilitates the sale of various digital products such as courses, ebooks, webinars, and workshops. 

Additionally, users can build communities with different membership tiers and rewards. Podia offers a free account to get started, with features to accommodate growth as the business expands.

  • URL:
  • Commission rate: 30% recurring
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: In-House

Art Galleries: Some Galleries offer Affiliate Payments

Don’t get too excited about art gallery sites. Few offer affiliate commissions but you might have some luck with Saatchi Art.

I’m not that interested anyway. Why? Well, because my audience mainly consists of other artists and they are very unlikely to buy art.

Besides, if you’re targeting art sales, you probably want to sell your own work, not the work of other people.

That said if your art is on a site anyway, you may as well get a commission for sending your traffic their way. 

31. Saatchi Art

A premier online art gallery offering a vast selection of original art pieces including paintings, fine art photographs, and more, from artists around the world.

It promotes itself as the best place to buy artwork online, featuring a large collection of original art and art prints.

Saatchi Art is one of the best-known online art galleries with unrivaled brand recognition. It’s an open. non-selective platform for independent artists to display their artwork to art lovers around the world.

They claim the average shopping cart is over $1,000!

  • URL: https://www.saatchiart.com/ (scroll to the bottom and click the affiliate link)
  • Commission rate: 4 – 13%
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Commission Junction

Website Builder ECommerce Platforms: Generous Affiliate Rates

In my experience, most artists choose a drag-and-drop website builder to showcase their portfolio. It’s convenient and requires no background knowledge.

It makes sense to promote these sites because they pay generously for your referral.

You can promote them with links and offer tutorials showing how to set things up. If someone follows a step-by-step lesson, they will use your link.


A website builder that allows you to create a customizable website or online store with an all-in-one solution. It offers a range of industry-leading website templates, designer fonts, and color palettes to suit personal styles and professional needs. 

Squarespace homepage

The platform facilitates easy setup of e-commerce stores, booking services, and integration with third-party extensions. It also offers marketing tools to enhance online presence through email campaigns and social media integrations. 

Users can start with a free trial and explore various templates for different purposes such as blogs, portfolios, and business websites. Squarespace also offers resources and support to help users succeed in building and growing their online presence.

33. Shopify

A well-known e-commerce platform that offers a range of tools to start and grow an e-commerce business, including customizable website templates, marketing tools, and sales channels to reach customers globally. 

The platform also features a fast and reliable checkout system, flexible point-of-sale options, and centralized business operations to streamline back-office management. 

Shopify provides a community and support system with blogs, online courses, and a help center to assist users in growing their businesses. It offers a free trial to get started, with plans that accommodate various business sizes and needs.

  • URL: https://www.shopify.com/affiliates
  • Commission rate: 
    $25 – $150 (depending on your country)
    $500 – Point of Sale Plans
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

34. Bigcommerce

Another respected e-commerce platform. Bigcommerce is designed to fit the specific needs of a business, offering flexibility, scalability, and speed. It provides a range of features including enterprise integrations, customizable templates, and tools for seamless business operations. 

The platform is recognized for its lower total cost of ownership and offers solutions for both small businesses and enterprises. It also boasts a rich ecosystem of partners and integrations to help businesses innovate and succeed in the e-commerce space.

Website Hosting: Massive Payouts

Have you noticed how many sites recommend starting a WordPress website?

Well, first of all, it is the best option. Half the websites in the world use WordPress, but did you know the hosting companies compete like crazy and pay big time for a sign-up?

We are talking up to $100 per customer! What’s the catch? It’s hard to rank your post.

You must enter the arena by the back door. Send your visitors to a closely related article and redirect them to a dedicated post about the hosting company.

Make a tutorial about setting up a website and include signing up for hosting.

35. Bluehost

A leading web hosting service provider, Bluehost offers a range of hosting plans including budget shared hosting starting at $2.95 per month.

The platform provides powerful tools for online stores, including enhanced WooCommerce, scheduling, and SEO functionalities. 

Bluehost is heavily promoted because it pays high commissions. Many website owners start with Bluehost but move on when they need more support or functionality.

The platform is used by millions of websites worldwide and offers affordable plans with a range of features to facilitate easy and secure website management.

36. Siteground

A renowned web hosting service provider, SiteGround is trusted by over 2.8 million domains globally.

It offers a variety of hosting plans including web hosting, WordPress hosting, and WooCommerce hosting, with features such as ultra-fast server setup, top WordPress speed optimizations, and the latest integrated technologies for optimal site performance. 

The platform is built on the premium Google Cloud infrastructure, ensuring high reliability, security, and speed. SiteGround is known for its excellent customer support, which is available 24/7, a free site transfer service, email, SSL, CDN, and backups,

​Like most hosting companies, Siteground offers an introductory deal for the first year to entice customers.

37. GreenGeeks

This is the host I use and it too offers a generous commission. GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider that emphasizes eco-friendliness, offering fast, secure, and green web hosting services. The platform is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. 

GreenGeeks offers a range of hosting options with plans starting from $2.95 per month. The platform features the latest technologies for speed and security, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Best of all, users can rely on 24/7 expert support with most queries answered within minutes. The support is first-rate, I can vouch for that.

  • URL: https://www.greengeeks.com/ (affiliate link in the top menu)
  • Commission rates: 
    1 sale: $50 /sale
    2 sales: $60 /sale
    3 sales: $70 /sale
    4 sales: $80 /sale
    5 sales: $90 /sale
    6+ sales: $100 /sale
  • Cookies duration: Not published
  • Affiliate network: In-House

Image Editors: Mixed Affiliate Opportunities

Adobe pays well if you look at their affiliate page, I haven’t made any effort to promote Photoshop yet, but I should really. Too much to do, not enough time, you know how it is.

In theory, promoting Canva is a good prospect, and it was until recently. Canva changed their terms and now they want you to dedicate much of your content to promoting them. Not for me. You might want to try.

Sadly, many companies chop and change their affiliate programs. That’s one of the downsides. 

38. Adobe

A big beast in digital media solutions. The platform features products like Adobe Acrobat and the Adobe Creative Cloud which hosts popular apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator. These are services and software worth promoting to your audience. 

Love or loathe them, it’s hard to run a business online without an Adobe service. You may as well take a cut as the middleman.

  • URL: https://www.adobe.com/affiliates.html
  • Commission rate:
    Creative Cloud – 85% monthly/yearly
    Yearly Subscription – 8.33%
  • Commission rate: Adobe Stock:
    Monthly/yearly subscription – $72
    Single purchase – 8.33%
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Partnerize

39. Canva

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform that allows individuals and businesses to create a variety of visual content such as presentations, posters, social media graphics, and more. It’s mostly free to use.

It offers a drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of templates, fonts, and images, making it easy for users to create professional-looking designs without any graphic design experience. The platform offers both free and premium plans, catering to different user needs and preferences.

Until recently Canva paid casual affiliates for referrals to Canva Pro, not now. They now require more dedicated marketing from their affiliate partners.

This is what Canva says:

We’re looking for community members who consistently create engaging content ​around Canva’s products and features. Backgrounds include:

  • Social media content creators
  • Workshop/webinar facilitators
  • Podcasters
  • Course developers

I for one can’t specialize on their behalf and concentrate on Social Media. Your audience might be different. 

The links indicate the program will open late September 2023


Advertised as a free online platform offering photo editing and design tools powered by AI. Users can edit photos and create designs directly in their browser, on both mobile and desktop devices.

Pixlr keeps changing their platform so please verify my info and take it as a snapshot of the time of research only. There is a limited free plan with ads.

These are the pro plans:

PlusAd Free 0.75/Mo
PremiumFull Access to Pixlr Suite$4.90/Mo
TeamMultiple Users£9.91/Mo

The platform offers a range of tools including a quick and easy design tool (Pixlr X), an advanced photo editor (Pixlr E), and an AI image generator.

Users can start from an empty canvas, a photo, a video, or select from professionally crafted templates. Additional features include background removal, object removal, collage maker, and a library of filters and effects.

Pixlr.com also offers premium access to more advanced tools and resources, aiming to make design easy for everyone.

Services: High Affiliate Earnings Potential

These companies know that you are likely to spend a lot of money on these platforms once you’re signed up. It’s for that reason the affiliate programs are generous. There are so many jobs online that are time-consuming or beyond our pay grade that it makes sense to advise your readers to outsource some work. In that case, you may as well get a commission for sending your traffic their way.


Fiverr is a global online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers offering a wide range of digital services across over 500 categories.

fiverr homepage

The platform facilitates the hiring of professionals (mainly from the developing world) for services such as graphic design, digital marketing, writing, programming, and more. 

It provides a space where businesses can find the right people, with the right skills, at the right price, to outsource their needs.

That’s the theory. In reality, there are many wannabes and chancers on this platform and users must choose their freelancers carefully. 

I won’t lie, I can’t get my head around the complexity of the affiliate program.

I have condensed it into this table:

Commission PlanCommission Amount
Fiverr Pro$100 CPA + 10% RevShare for 12 months
Fiverr Affiliates10% of your referred affiliate’s earnings (lifetime)
Fiverr Logo Maker$30 CPA for every logo maker order

Additionally, the Fiverr CPA commissions for specific categories are as follows:

Commission AmountService Category
$50Industrial & Product Design, Graphics & Design, Data Science, Mobile Apps, Programming & Tech, Website Development
$40Website Builders & CMS, Lyric & Music Videos, Data Processing, Architecture & Interior Design, Game Development, Website Design
$30E-Commerce Product Videos, 3D Product Animation, SEO, T-Shirts & Merchandise, Research & Summaries, Business Consulting, Proofreading & Editing, Financial Consulting, Producers & Composers
$25Illustration, Gaming, Articles & Blog Posts, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Resume Writing, Voice Over, Short Video Ads
$15All Other Categories

This is the shortened version! It’s far more complicated.


The platform offers a marketplace where companies and freelancers can work together on various projects. Users can post jobs, hire top talent, and manage their workflow efficiently, with the support of Upwork’s tools and resources. 

The platform is trusted by many, offering a secure environment with quality assurance and 24/7 support. It’s a step up from bargain basement Fiverr

  • URL
  • Commission rate:  70% per new client, up to $150 
  • Cookies duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

Canvas and Framing: Low Rates but Worth Joining

In my experience, sending framed art in the post is more trouble than it’s worth. It makes more sense to sell your wall art as prints and have a link to framing suppliers.

If you can format your art prints to fit commercially available frames you’ll sell more. Try it, you have nothing to lose. It won’t make you rich but any extra sale is better than none. 

43. Picture Frames

Pictureframes.com is a one-stop destination for all your framing needs, offering custom framing, printing, and various framing options based on color and size. The site allows users to upload their pictures for personalized framing solutions.

It showcases trending and favorite frames, including canvas floater frames and classic black frames. 

The platform also provides insights into home décor trends through its blog, featuring articles on different styles and DIY projects. Additionally, it offers custom printing on materials like wood grain, canvas, and acrylic.

The site caters to professionals such as artists and photographers, offering quality framing and printing services to enhance their work.

44. Framebridge

A platform that simplifies the process of custom framing, making it easy, fast, and affordable. Users can upload photos, visit a store, or send their art to Framebridge for framing. The site offers a range of frame styles and size-based pricing, with free shipping on orders. 

It also features a gallery wall section where users can design and order a collection of frames to create a stylish gallery wall in their homes. The platform promises a hassle-free experience with handcrafted frames built and shipped directly to the user. 

45. eFrame (UK only)

A prominent UK-based online platform where users can order quality picture frames tailored to their preferences. The website offers various frame options including made-to-measure frames, photo frames, and multi-photo frames in various colors, styles, and designs. 

Users can easily customize and order their perfect picture frame online, with the promise of quality craftsmanship and stylish designs. The platform also offers framing solutions for businesses, with special pricing and additional frame styles. 

eFrame is committed to sustainability, sourcing wood frames from responsibly managed forests and engaging in tree planting initiatives. 

The site promises a quick delivery time, shipping products in 1 to 3 business days from their UK factory, and offers a range of products at prices significantly lower than high street rates.

Where to Find Art Affiliate Networks

For the most part, the major affiliate offers go through a third-party network, so it’s not always obvious how to join a specific affiliate program.

And it can be a laborious process. There is always an application process and some networks are more difficult to join than others.

Even when you join, your chosen affiliate partner might reject your request to promote them. If they think your site is a good fit, or your traffic is too low, they can turn you down. It can be tricky at first.

It’s not a guarantee, but there is a workaround, as I will share, keep reading.

Here are a few of the popular Affiliate Networks you’ll come across:

  1. Amazon Associates: One of the largest and most popular affiliate programs, offering a wide range of products and easy to join.
  2. ShareASale: A leading affiliate marketing network offering a platform for merchants and affiliates to connect. Not so many art sites use ShareASale
  3. Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate: This network provides a variety of products and services for affiliates to promote. You’ll notice that many of the affiliate opportunities I’ve listed use Commission Junction.
  4. Rakuten Marketing: A well-established affiliate network, offering a variety of products and brands to promote.
  5. ClickBank: A network specializing in digital products, often with higher commission rates. They are a marketplace of affiliate offers. Always check the offers before promoting them.
  6. Awin: A global affiliate network that offers a wide range of products and services.
  7. Impact: A network offering a platform to manage partnerships, including affiliates, influencers, and business development relationships. They are widely used and another network that features prominently in this list.
  8. Pepperjam: This network offers a platform for affiliates and merchants to connect, with a focus on performance marketing.
  9. MaxBounty: A network focusing on CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate marketing.
  10. JVZoo: A network specializing in digital products, providing a platform for affiliates and product creators to collaborate.

In my experience, the worst part of running affiliate offers is keeping track of your links from various companies.

It’s confusing trying to organize multiple offers from multiple networks, saving all the passwords, and finding your unique links.

To make things worse, all the platforms seem to have the most disorganized, inefficient, chaotic interfaces.

You need to take a course just to learn how to navigate them!

What’s more, if you join a network and underperform, the network can close your account. Goodness.

Luckily there is a solution

If you find it hard to join a network or you are simply frustrated at the complexity of running too many affiliate links, Skimlinks could be the perfect fit.

Skimlinks is a service that helps bloggers and content creators earn revenue through affiliate marketing without having to find, join, and navigate every network.

They act as the middleman.

Open an account with Skimlinks, upload their Chrome extension, and every time you land on a site linked to Skimlinks, a dropdown bar lowers with your unique referral link.

It is so easy.

The rates are fine, and you can keep an eye on all your earnings and stats in the dashboard. What’s more, you are not bound by Skimlinks. If you can find a better deal elsewhere, you can chop and change with no penalties.

45 Affiliate Programs for Artists: Final Thoughts

I’m glad I spent time researching affiliate programs for artists, it’s opened my eyes to all the missed opportunities on my own site. Boy, am I leaving money on the table.

I had no idea that so many art related sites paid recurring income. I do now, and it’s time to cash in.

There is no doubt about it, if you have a website or publish articles on blogging platforms such as Medium, adding affiliate links is a no-brainer.

Why not take the money for referrals?

If you love using some software or prefer one tool over another, you tell people right? Well, you can do that online and make a few bucks

When you sign up to promote a company that takes affiliate marketing seriously, they will provide you with the means and resources to help you. Not only that they will run promotions and give you discount links.

You can offer these deals to your audience, get them the best price, and make a commission.

Everyone wins.

This is how I made a living for over 20 years. You can too, simply copy what I did – No hidden secrets

Selling art made simple digital guide for starting a small art business

If You Want to Sell Your Art

Check this out!

Psst…it’s only $12.99!

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