Drawing vs Sketching: Is There a Difference?

drawing and sketching header. Three drawings of wildlife by Kevin Hayler

Drawing and sketching are similar but there are differences worth describing. Where they overlap the differences are subtle, but at either end of the spectrum, they differ noticeably. Let me define the fundamental difference between drawing vs sketching in a brief summary. Sketches are the rapid notes and looser lines that …

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15 Ways to Protect Your Artwork From Being Copied

Serval Drawing featured image for ways to protect your artwork from being copied

It’s the wild west out there and artists are losing out to copycats, theft, and now AI. Images can be copied, altered, and redistributed so easily that it is having a serious impact on artists and creators everywhere. So how do you protect your artwork from being copied?  While it …

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32 Drawing Mistakes and Bad Habits Artists Must Avoid

Drawing mistakes and bad habits artists must avoid.

Drawing requires patience, skill, and attention to detail. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and make silly mistakes. It happens to us all. In this article, I’ll cover 32 common drawing mistakes and bad habits to avoid, ranging from the most …

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Are Drawing Books Worth It? Can You Learn From Books?

Are draweing books worth it? A book shelf with drawing books for sale

Choosing the most practical way to learn art is daunting for a beginner. Many students start with a book, so let’s answer the question – are drawing books worth it? Drawing books are worth it for learning art. They provide a structured approach to mastering various techniques and styles at …

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