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45 Affiliate Programs for Artists: A Mega Guide

affiliate progams for artists. Mega Guide

The best art affiliate programs for artists are not always about art. In this post, I will name 45 affiliate programs that work in the art niche. To maximize the potential you must be prepared to write an art blog and cultivate an art community around your site. Having an …

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22 Myths About Artists: Misconceptions Debunked

Myths about artists: Misconceptions debunked

As a professional artist myself, I’m well aware of the many myths and misconceptions that surround art and artists. In this article, I’ll be examining and dispelling 22 commonly held myths about artists that simply don’t match reality This is a long post. Skip to any section in the table …

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Drawing vs Sketching: Is There a Difference?

drawing and sketching header. Three drawings of wildlife by Kevin Hayler

Drawing and sketching are similar but there are differences worth describing. Where they overlap the differences are subtle, but at either end of the spectrum, they differ noticeably. Let me define the fundamental difference between drawing vs sketching in a brief summary. Sketches are the rapid notes and looser lines that …

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