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Art Commissions – How to Get Them Quickly? (It’s Easy But Scary)

Commissions Undertaken sign with a drawing of 3 puppies

The obvious way to bring in some extra cash is to find some commission work. That’s all well and good but how do you get art commissions quickly? The easiest way to get art commissions is to display your artwork on a busy street. It’s perfectly legal to promote your services. Have a comments book to gather testimonials and emails. Engage with the public and demonstrate your skills if possible. Make sure you collect the details from everyone who makes an inquiry and follow-up that evening. Orders will follow if you are pro-active. This …

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12 Wildlife Art Bestsellers (Use These Subjects to Make Money)

12 Wildlife subjects that sell three bestselling prints

When it comes to selling wildlife art you have to be pragmatic and concentrate your efforts on making art with a proven chance of success. That’s why I’ve listed my top 12 wildlife art bestsellers with a bonus list at the end. After 20 years selling and making wildlife art …

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